Why Choose Us


So why IGACPAs and Co.?

It can be difficult to solitarily run a business; not to mention the demanding and tedious process that goes along with it. With us, you wouldn't have to do it all alone anymore.

At IGA, we see the big picture. We can help your business grow by providing you with solutions specific to your needs. Our combined expertise and valuable resources will be all integrated to provide you with total business support.

Our firm is small but is comprised of a team that is coordinated and committed to deliver the job.


1. Engage
Client's needs are determined and parameters of the business engagement including deliverables are established.

2. Plan
The scope and extent of the project is identified during this phase and a timetable is set.

3. Substantiate
Data gathering and verification happens here. Agreed procedures are conducted.

4. Deliver
Results of the project are communicated and recommendations are made. Feedback is also sought out.


✓ Competence
Educated in the ever-changing tax code and the fundamentals of accounting practices, we adhere to the high standards of excellence and professionalism to best serve our valued clients and respond to the ever-changing dynamics of business.

✓ Expertise
With a team of experts utilizing systematized accounting processes and procedures and the very latest in accounting technology, we can guarantee that you receive the very best services to support your unique business needs.

✓ Client-Orientation
We believe in taking a multi-dimensional approach tailored to your specific needs in helping you address your business issues and meet your financial goals.

✓ Transparency
We specialize in maximizing your time and effort as a business owner by providing you with accurate and timely services allowing you to focus on your business and not on your accountant.

✓ Compliance
As an active member of the Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA), IGACPAs and Co. is abreast with the latest accounting standards and tax regulations. This guides us to provide you with reliable, legal and high quality services.

✓ Great Value
We provide professional quality accounting services at a competitive price.